Further response from HTC on missing drivers


HTC has issued a new response to the storm of protest from users about the lack of drivers to enable hardware video acceleration on some of its Qualcomm MSM 7xxx-based devices. HTC had responded earlier in the week but Engadget pursued the matter a bit further. We wanted to know more specifically: do they plan to meet consumers’ requests and release drivers for these devices? (And if not, why?) Finally, what’s going to be done about this video acceleration driver issue in the future?

HTC responded and now indicates that it does plan to offer software upgrades that will increase feature functionality, over the air wireless speeds, and other enhancements for some of the phones being criticized, but we do not anticipate including any additional support for the video issues cited in customer complaints. HTC cites extensive software development and time as two reasons for this decision.

HTC also indicated that some future devices will offer hardware video acceleration. Our users have made it clear that they expect our products to offer an improved visual experience, and we have included this feedback into planning and development of future products.

I bet that many will still find that HTC has not provided a satisfactory answer.

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