Futureshop launches Cellshop specialty stores

Futureshop announced today that it is following in the footsteps of its Best Buy sibling and launching its own specialized mobile phones shops. Futureshop’s Cellshops promise to offer upgraded in-store Cellular shopping departments, improved software for faster activation and dedicated, Certified Cellular Product Experts for advice.

Streamlined for customers, the dedicated cellular areas in Future Shop stores are being transformed into hubs of information on the latest phones, rate plans and accessories. Gone are the days of wandering strip malls and dozens of kiosks for cell phone add-ons that don’t fit, or are designed for different models. Customers will be able to find everything they need for the phones they want in one area including top mobile accessories to go alongside the 100 different types of phones.

Cellshop’s Cellular Product Expert will attend Futureshop’s in-house Cellular University program to be trained on the over 100 phones and various service plans offered by Canada’s carriers, including Rogers, TELUS, Fido, Virgin Mobile, Koodo, and Bell.

Futureshop’s Cellshop is being rolled out to 12 stores in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal with plans for a national rollout.

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