Gadgetorama in a vortex of disasters

I apologize for the news slow down experienced over the last little while. Gadgetorama headquarters have been beset with disaster upon disaster. In February, my mother fell gravely ill and remains in hospital to this day. My wife broke a couple of ribs around the same time. With two young kids at home (including a 3 month old), we faced quite a challenge. Then our roof started to leak.

Last week, our furnace died. Fortunately, winter had started to finally release its stranglehold on Toronto and we were able to manage. As of Monday, the heat was back on to much rejoicing. Today, it was my car that almost did not make it to work. I fortunately made it to the dealer, driving as fast as a tractor, where I spent most of the afternoon hoping that I was not about to burn a hole through my credit card (it’s singed but no hole).

As soon as these dark clouds move away from Gadgetorama headquarters, more regular news coverage will resume.