Google optimises Search results page for Apple iPhone

Apple iPhone 3G

Google announced today some optimizations to the page in the U.S. for Apple iPhone users. The improvements are meant to make the pages more user friendly:

Results are formatted to be neatly displayed on the mobile screen, so there’s no need to scroll side to side. Local search results now include easier-to-press “Get Directions” and click-to-call links. Maps are shown by default in the case of a single listing or accessible by the “Show map” link for multiple listings. For those of you wanting to access the classic desktop search results format, it’s only a click away, with the “Classic” link near the bottom of each page.

The new pages are only available to U.S. iPhone and iPod touch users running firmware 2.x and only in English. But Google is planning to deploy the changes to additional countries, languages and devices in the future.

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