HTC announces 2 million HTC Touch devices sold

HTC Touch

HTC has announced that it has sold 2 million HTC Touch family devices (including the HTC Touch, HTC Touch Cruise and HTC Touch Dual). Widely seen as an Apple iPhone competitor, the HTC Touch devices feature the TouchFLO touchscreen interface running on top of Windows Mobile 6. In comparison, Apple announced at Macworld 2008 that it had sold 4 million iPhones to date.

The HTC Touch launched last year only weeks before the iPhone.

HTC also announced that it had sold 11.8 million handsets in 2008, about a 12 percent increase over 2006.

Despite fears of Qualcomm chipset shortages as well as global economic issues, Peter Chou, president and CEO of HTC, has indicated that HTC remains confident of achieving its first quarter sales goals.

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