HTC confirms HTC Diamond to be announced next month?


It appears that HTC may have confirmed the rumours that it will unveil the HTC Diamond at its upcoming May 6th event. During an investor conference, HTC executive HTC Cheng Hui-ming indicated that the company had high hopes for the next Touch phone it was about to introduce. Referred to as the new Diamond model, Cheng called it the most important product for HTC this year. He added that HTC expects it to contribute in the company’s expected 20 percent year-over-year revenue increase.

Cheng did warn that the Diamond could face shipment delays as it had not yet received certification. If so, HTC will likely announce it with a future shipment date.

The HTC Diamond is widely expected to come with a 528MHz Qualcomm processor and Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional, a 2.8-inch VGA touchscreen display, the option of 7.2MB HSDPA/HSUPA or EV-DO Rev.A connectivity, 4GB of internal Flash memory, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.0+EDR, eGPS, a backfacing 3.1MP camera as well as a forward facing one, an accelerometer to rotate the screen orientation automatically, an FM radio and a microSD expansion slot.

Source: Engadget Mobile

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