HTC releases Windows Mobile 6.1 upgrade for AT&T Tilt (for real this time)

AT&T Tilt

Back on August 16th, I indicated that HTC had released the Windows Mobile 6.1 upgrade for the AT&T Tilt. It turns out that while the page was up, the software download was the older ROM. First, my apologies to all those who went looking for the upgrade and could not find it. Second, the good news: HTC has now released the upgrade and you can finally upgrade your Tilt.

Details are the same as those I had posted earlier. Aside from the Windows Mobile 6.1 upgrade, ROM version 3.57.502.2 (intended only for the AT&T Tilt) WWE also includes HTC Home, video share calling, threaded SMS, Microsoft Voice Command, OneNote Mobile, and more.

Note: The update will replace the current ROM image and will erase partnership and all user data and programs on your device. Be sure to back everything up before you start.

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