Intel Nehalem processor architecture to be known as Core i7


Intel announced today that the first upcoming processors based on the Nehalem microarchitecture will be branded as Intel Core i7 processors.

The Intel Core processor brand name has gained broad awareness, preference, and market momentum over the past several years. The Intel Core name remains the logical choice for Intel’s latest family of processors.

A Core i7 Extreme Edition will also be available for high-performance desktop PCs.

The Core i7 processors promise to deliver high performance and energy efficiency. They will feature Intel’s Hyper-Threading Technology and will be able to handle eight software “threads”on its four processor cores. The new architecture also features QuickPath (Intel’s version of AMD’s HyperTransport), an 8MB cache pool and and on-chip memory controller.

Intel will begin to ship its first Core i7 processors by the end of the year.

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