Launch date and pricing for Asus Eee PC 904

ASUS Eee PC 904

The now official Asus Eee PC 904 will begin to ship in mid-July. Selling for £269, (just over USD$530) it will come with the 900MHz Intel Celeron M instead of an Intel Atom processor (as in the 901 and 1000 models). It will also come with 1GB of RAM and a 80GB hard drive preloaded with Windows XP.

With this latest model, Asus is filling out the Eee PC line-up with a model with a larger keyboard while keeping the price to a more affordable price point (compared with the Eee PC 1000 models which will start above £300. It remains to see whether customers will understand all the model differences or will end up confused by the overwhelming number of variations.

Asus has also announced that the Eee PC 901 will sell for £299 (about USD$590) instead of the originally announced £329 (about USD$650).

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