Mac mini set for a refresh?

Apple Mac mini

Las Vegas-based Macminicolo, a Mac mini colocation firm is reporting that the always-on-death’s-door Mac mini appears to have evaded the proverbial reaper once more. When Apple unveiled its new MacBooks earlier this month, it also gave an update on Mac sales during the introduction. The lack of any Mac mini mention led to renewed speculation that the diminutive desktop was about to be retired. Macminicolo suggests otherwise.

The site suggests that Mac mini sales are better than man seem to think, pointing to such evidence as its consistent appearance on Amazon’s Bestselling Desktop Computers list. It also thinks that updates are few and far between simply because the Mac mini sells well as it is. As component prices drop, Apple is simply increasing its profit margin on them.

Macminicolo expects that we will soon see a Mac mini update with the following changes:

  • Adoption of the new Mini DisplayPort that comes on the new MacBooks.
  • Support for up to 4GB RAM
  • A SATA connection for the optical drive to improve performance and the option to replace the optical drive with a second SATA hard drive
  • Less certain updates include a new black and aluminium body, a move to NVIDIA processors and an upgrade to 802.11n Wi-Fi

Given that Macminicolo is the largest Mac mini colocation firm, is it possible that they know something that most of us don’t?

Source: AppleInsider

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