MacBook Air Intel processor heading to other notebooks

One interesting story behind the MacBook Air is how Apple asked Intel to design a much smaller Core 2 Duo processor package to allow it to fit into the ultra-thin notebook. Intel succeeded and managed to reduce the footprint necessary by about 60 percent.

CNET is now reporting that both Lenovo and Fujitsu are working on notebooks that will use the same Core 2 Duo processor and 965GMS chipset. Specific details on the upcoming notebooks were not revealed but CNET indicated that they might not be ultra-thin notebooks. Instead, we could see notebooks sporting optical drives and user-replaceable batteries. The benefit of using the new chips would be the improved performance that the chips have over the low-voltage or ultra-low-voltage Intel’s Core 2 Duo versions used so far in ultraportables.

Much of the technology will also trickle down into the forthcoming Montevina platform that will be released later this year. The Montevina platform will consist of a Penryn processor, a new chipset, and an optional integrated Wi-Fi/WiMax radio.

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