Makayama announces TouchBrowser for Windows Mobile

Makayama has released the TouchBrowser for Windows Mobile devices. Tired of Pocket Internet Explorer? Forget about the stylus, the tiny scrollbars and the keyhole view of the internet. TouchBrowser gives you the smooth webbrowsing [sic] experience of the iPhone, right on your Pocket PC. It lets you scroll pages with animation and iPhone inertia effects for easy reading.

TouchBrowser features a large finger-keyboard for typing in URLs and other information and both a ‘mobile view’ for web sites formatted for mobile devices and a ‘desktop view’ for those that aren’t. The latter comes with a built-in navigation aid that lets you see where on the overall page you are. Auto-hiding menus give you more screen real estate when browsing and the management of favourites is also touch-based.

Makayama has posted a video demonstration of TouchBrowser on YouTube.

TouchBrowser is available for USD$14.95 directly from Makayama.

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