Microsoft and Dell join (PRODUCT) RED campaign

(RED) Dell XPS One

(RED) is a private company that uses its funds to fight AIDS in Africa. It partners with companies across the world to offer unique (PRODUCT) RED products. A portion of the sale of these products goes to programs with an emphasis on women and children affected by AIDS in Africa.

On Friday, Microsoft and Dell are expected to announce that they will partner with (RED) to offer such products.

Dell will offer red versions of the XPS One and the XPS M1330 and XPS 1530 laptops. Each XPS One sale will contribute USD$80 while the laptops will contribute USD$50 respectively to (RED). Dell will also offer a (PRODUCT) RED edition of the 948 all-in-one printer with USD$5 going to (RED) for each sale.

Microsoft will offer a custom version of Windows Vista with (RED) themed backgrounds, screen saves and sidebar gadgets on the Dell PCs.

Other technology companies involved in the (RED) program include Motorola and Apple.

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