Microsoft extends life of Windows XP for low cost PCs

Microsoft announced today that it will extend the availability of Windows XP Home until June 30th, 2010 for a new class of mobile personal computers commonly known as ultra-low-cost PCs, or ULCPCs. Originally, Microsoft had planned to stop offering Windows XP after June 30 of this year.

In reversing its decision, Microsoft recognized the fact that Windows Vista is too resource intensive for devices such as the the ASUS Eee PC and the Everex CloudBook. While Windows Vista provides many benefits, including an easier and more secure user experience, Windows XP Home provides an effective solution on these devices from a performance and cost perspective.

Microsoft’s decision will ensure that OEMs and consumers will continue to have a choice between Linux and Windows XP-based options for the next two years.

The extension only applies to Windows XP Home.

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