Microsoft licenses Adobe Flash Lite 3 for Windows Mobile

Adobe announced today that Microsoft has licensed its Flash Lite software for use with Windows Mobile devices. Flash Lite is the mobile version of its Flash Player software.

he Flash Lite 3.x browser plug-in for Internet Explorer Mobile on Windows Mobile will provide users with access to rich and interactive web content created using Adobe Flash technology. As the most popular and ubiquitous format on the Internet today, Adobe Flash powers many rich and engaging web sites, applications and animations.

In the past, individual ODMs had to license Flash Lite on their own. This will now ensure that all future Windows Mobile devices come with it installed.

Adobe also announced that Microsoft had licensed Reader LE to let Windows Mobile users view and navigate rich PDF content.

Information on the availability of both Adobe Flash Lite and Reader LE will be provided later.

Just days ago, Microsoft announced that it was bringing Silverlight, Microsoft’s competitor to Flash, to mobile devices later this year.

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