Microsoft Zune set to launch in Canada on June 13

Microsoft Zune

Microsoft announced today that the Zune will launch in Canada on June 13th. This will be the first deployment outside of the United States for the Zune since it was released in November 2006.

“Zune is more than just a music player for Canadians, it’s a shared, social experience,” Craig Tullett, group manager for Zune Canada, said in a statement. “We’re excited to offer people an innovative way to discover, share and enjoy their music wherever they go.”

Three models will be available. The 4GB and 8GB flash memory models will come in red, black and pink while the hard drive-based 80GB model will come in either black or red. Prices are set at CAD$140 and $190 for the flash-based models and CAD$250 for the 80GB Zune.

Starting today, Canadians can download the Zune management software (version 2.5 which came out today) but the Zune Marketplace will not be available in Canada at launch time. It is expected later in the year though.

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