Mobile Firefox getting more attention at Mozilla?


Mitchell Baker, chairperson of the Mozilla Foundation, recently published a set of goals that will move the Mozilla misison [sic] forward for the next two years. A focus on mobility is one of those goals and promises not only an effective product in the mobile market but also to demonstrate that “mobile” is part of one, unified, open web.

In a subsequent post, Baker clarifies those goals a bit and confirms that a mobile product will ship well before 2010.

The Mozilla Foundation has been at work on a mobile version of Firefox (codenamed Fennec) for quite some time. It announced its intentions to port Firefox to mobile devices back in May 2007 and in April of this year, announced that it had pre-alpha builds of the browser. It’s been quiet since then though. Hopefully we will soon learn more about progress on Fennec (for example, a release date).

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