More BlackBerry Bold and Thunder release rumours

RIM BlackBerry Bold

The Boy Genius has some new details on the release dates for the BlackBerry Bold and Thunder.

First up, the Bold may have been pushed back a bit. According to the latest rumours, we could see a September debut for the Bold with most carriers. Some (Rogers Wireless perhaps?) may see it earlier though. The delays are due to software with some issues with radio code still being ironed out.

On the Rogers Wireless front, BlackBerry Cool sources indicate that Rogers Wireless will sell the Bold for CAD$299 with a three-year contract with the price perhaps dropping to CAD$199 by Christmas. Rogers has apparently also released a final build copy of BlackBerry OS 4.6 last week, paving the way for that rumoured July 25th release date.

Meanwhile, the Thunder appears set to see a huge marketing campaign start in September with a device release date sometime in October on Verizon (with U.S. exclusivity and Vodafone elsewhere).

Just how important is the Thunder to RIM? Apparently, RIM is prioritizing the Thunder launch above that of the Bold!

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