More changes coming to Rogers Wireless data plans?

Rogers Wireless

Earlier this month, Rogers Wireless announced a number of new data plans (including unlimited data plans) that reduced the cost of data plans. The catch was that the plans were tied to specific Rogers mobile devices and excluded Blackberries, Windows Mobile devices, PC cards and other non-Rogers certified devices. A rumour is now suggesting that Rogers is getting ready to revise data plans for those devices as well.

On the BlackBerry side, BIS/BES (Blackberry Internet Service / Blackberry Enterprise Server) data plans would start at CAD$15 for 10MB and run up to CAD$65 for a plan giving you up to 500MB (with CAD$0.05 per additional MB). The plans would require three-year contracts.

For Windows Mobile, tethered and non-Rogers devices, there would be seven tiers. A Tier 1 plan would cost CAD$15 for up to 20MB and a Tier 7 plan would cost CAD$100 for up to 5GB. Additional data would cost CAD$0.03/MB.

Unlimited WAP and Vision WAP plans are also planned for CAD$7 per month.

The new plans are expected to be announced on March 18th.

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