More details on upcoming ASUS Eee PC 900

ASUS Eee PC 900

In an interview with with Laptop Magazine, Asus CEO Jerry Shen has provided additional information on the just announced ASUS Eee PC 900.

It appears that there will be 2 new models: On with an 8GB SSD will come with Windows XP while a second model will come with either a 12GB or 20GB SSD (ASUS has not decided yet) with the Xandros Linux OS. Interestingly, ASUS could also offer configurations with hard drives in the future.

The processor will also see some changes. The current 900MHz Celeron will give way to Intel’s new Atom platform in the second quarter.

Other things to look for are a new smaller power adapter and an offer of web storage to go with your new Eee PC. Finally, you can also expect some more cosmetic changes with Shen promising new colours and a “new color design” sometime in May or June. Shen also confirmed that the new 8.9-inch screen will offer a 1024×600 resolution (up from the current 800×480 resolution).

Further out in the future, we could see an Eee PC with WiMAX and HSDPA built-in as early as Q3 2008.

The 8.9-inch 8GB SSD ASUS Eee PC 900 is expected to sell for USD$499 and should be available as early as April.

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