Mysterious HTC devices spotted?

A grainy picture posted over at shows a number of HTC devices. Most are well known but on the bottom row are three that don’t look like anything HTC has released to date. The first and fourth on that bottom row look to be the same device. The third also looks much like the other two but sports a slightly different colour scheme.

Upcoming HTC devices?

So far, guesses point to the HTC Dream (powered by Google’s Android mobile OS), the upcoming HTC Diamond and Raphael, and the T-Mobile MDA compact IV. The picture shows Windows Mobile running on two of the three devices so I would rule out the Dream. If the bottom row first and fourth devices are in fact the same device, then we might be looking at the HTC Raphael, the HTC TyTN II replacement. If so, could the third device be the HTC Diamond?

The mystery might be solved at the May 6th HTC event.

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