New details on upcoming Nova Palm OS


Today, Palm uses Windows Mobile and its own four year old Palm OS in its devices but that is expected to change in early 2009 when Palm finally releases its new operating system, codenamed Nova. In an interview with APC Magazine, Palm CEO Ed Colligan shared a few details about Nova and Palm’s strategy.

Nova is expected to be built on Linux and it promises more capabilities focused around the Internet and web-based applications. While the current Palm OS will continue to be offered in entry level devices (like the Centro), Nova will be aimed at ‘prosumers’ and will slot below Windows Mobile which Palm will continue to market to business users.

Like Apple is doing, Palm is looking at a strategy where it controls both the software and the hardware. “One of the things we wanted to do is to make sure that we had an end-to-end solution we really controlled and could deliver the end-user experience we want to deliver. We think it’s going to be stunning and breakthrough in its execution, and we’re working on some very exciting new devices to go with it,” said Colligan. Interestingly, Colligan promises that some devices will not be smartphones and that the canceled Foleo could make a comeback in the future (perhaps under a different brandname).

Hopefully Palm will soon show us exactly what Nova can do.

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