New Rogers Wireless data plans coming?

Rogers Wireless

It appears that Rogers Wireless is about to update some of its wireless data plans. According to a post on Howard Forums, a number of plans are coming that will offer unlimited Internet access. For example, the updated CAD$20 Communicate Plan would include services like Caller ID, Name Display, Voicemail, 2500 SMS and 1000 MMS as well as unlimited on-device mobile browsing (ie, no tethering). There will also be a CAD$7 unlimited on-device mobile browsing plan that looks to be Rogers’ response to a similar offering by Bell.

Unfortunately, it looks like the plans will apply only to certain phones and that data-centric devices like Windows Mobile and BlackBerry devices will be excluded. To ensure that customers simply don’t sign up for the plan with one device and then switch the SIM cards out into another device, Rogers will track the device IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity). Do the switch and you could have a nasty surprise on your next bill!

If the source is correct, the new plans will take effect on February 5, 2008. We should know then if the unlimited Internet access is WAP-only and what devices will be tied to the plans.

Source: Electronista via Aaron

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