No Zune Originals for Gadgetorama

Microsoft Zune

With the launch of the Microsoft Zune in Canada last week came the launch of the Zune Originals Canada site. The site lets you personalize your Zune with laser-engraved artwork and text. Over 40 exclusive designs are available, including a number from Canadian artists.

Too bad I have not been able to get to the site since it launched. I keep getting an error that access Zune Originals is currently unavailable from your location. But last I checked, Toronto was still part of Canada.

It gets better: When I click on ‘Change region’, I get an ugly 404 error page.

I get the errors with different browsers and on different machines. I also tried from the local coffee shop Wi-Fi hotspot and there the page would not even load. Has anyone else in Canada had similar issues?

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