OQO adds WiMAX and 64GB SSD options to Model 02

OQO Model 02

OQO have announced a number of new options for their model 02 UMPC. It has added a 64GB solid state drive (SSD) and a new Sunlight Optimized display. This expansion of OQO’s offerings addresses two important growth segments of the UMPC market. On the one hand, field service professionals require outdoor-useable UMPCs in tough environments. At the same time, savvy prosumers are seeking best-of-class full PC functionality in a truly pocketable form-factor.

The benefits from the new 64GB SSD, aside from the increased capacity, are that SSDs offer faster performance over hard drives and improved battery life and reliability. The Sunlight Optimized display uses
proprietary anti-reflective films in order to reduce glare on the screen and improve contrast when in direct sunlight.

The 64GB SSD option will add USD$650 to the price of the SSD-based model 02 while the sunlight optimized display will be an option only some models (for up to USD$199 extra).

OQO also has a new model 02 with embedded mobile WiMAX for the Sprint Xohm network on display at the Sprint booth.

“Consumers and mobile workers want to experience the real Internet and all their favorite applications with the same high speed and full functionality whether at their desk or on the go,” said Bob Rosin, senior vice president of marketing and alliances, OQO. “Today’s Mobile WiMAX demonstration on the OQO model 02 shows the path to truly seamless computing.”

WiMAX will not be available on the model 02 immediately but will make announcements as it becomes available in specific geographies in the future.