Orange France and Bic launch the BIC phone

Bic phone

Earlier this month, Orange announced a partnership with Bic (the same people behind Bic pens and razors) to sell the Bic phone, an inexpensive mobile pay-as-you-go phone.

The Orange and BIC partnership brings an original and high-quality offer that is designed for everyone. Orange provides its technical knowledge about telephone and service quality, while simplicity and quality at the right price have been BIC values for over 50 years.

The Bic phone will be ready to go right out of the package with 60 free minutes (to be used within two months), a charged battery and SIM card already in place. The phone number will be good for at least a year. With a focus on simplicity and low cost, don’t expect to be able to do more than send and receive phone calls and SMS though.

The Bic phone will be available in citrus orange and lime green starting on August 7th for €49 including tax. It will only be sold in France in major supermarkets and convenience stores.

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