Palm to unveil Nova OS at CES 2009?


Palm Inc. will hold a press event at the Venetian Hotel during CES 2009 at which it unveil all that Palm New-ness you’ve been waiting for. While the invitation provides little additional information, it is widely expected that Palm will unveil its new Linux-based Nova operating system.

With Palm having announced back in September that it expected to complete development of Nova by the end of the year, this prediction makes a lot of sense. With devices expected in mid-2009, guests may also get a glance at some prototype devices running the new OS.

Nova is a completely new operating system that Palm has been working on since 2007. Based on Linux, it promises more capabilities focused around the Internet and web-based applications. Devices running Nova will be aimed primarily at high-end consumers.

If you did not get an invite, there is a chance that you might still be on your way down. Palm is running a contest that will see the winner join Palm at the event on January 8.

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