People line up for Verizon launch of BlackBerry Storm

RIM BlackBerry Storm

While it may not have been the frenzy that met the launch of the Apple iPhone, a number Verizon stores reported lineups in anticipation of today’s launch of the BlackBerry Storm. The new touchscreen phone has been heavily promoted by Verizon in preparation for the holiday shopping season.

One mid-town Manhattan store reported that more than 200 people were waiting there. Many were turned away after the store ran out of the new device less than an hour after opening. Smaller lineups were recorded in a number of other stores across the country.

If lining up is not your thing, you can also order the BlackBerry Storm online at the Verizon online store.

Verizon is offering the BlackBerry Storm for USD$199.99 9 after a $50 mail-in rebate and a two-year service contract.

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