PhoneArena spends some time with Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional

Windows Mobile

Microsoft may not have announced Windows Mobile 6.1 but it seems to be appearing more and more in devices (at CeBIT for example) and details continue to emerge. PhoneArena got to spend a bit of time with the upcoming update to the mobile OS and has posted a preview of what’s to come. There is nothing here that we have not seen or heard before but you do get some more screenshots.

One of the enhancements is a revamp of Pocket Internet Explorer. The browser adds a ‘Zoom’ feature that lets you see the whole page at a glance to zoom in on an area of interest. PhoneArena found this to be extremely slow (it’s not clear if they are using a final version of the software or not though). You will also find threaded text conversations, the addition of OneNote Mobile to Office Mobile, and a real task manager (displaying CPU and memory utilization).

It’s clear that Windows Mobile 6.1 is no more than an update. For what will hopefully be a major upgrade, it looks like we will have to wait until 2009 when Photon is scheduled to be released.

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