Reception issues for the iPhone 3G?

Apple iPhone 3G

A growing number of customers around the world are reporting issues with their Apple iPhone 3G’s reception. They are reporting that Internet connection speeds are inconsistent, too many dropped calls or failed connections, and that the iPhone often downgrades from 3G to the slower EDGE service. Even some carriers (like T-Mobile Netherlands and Vodafone Australia) are now pointing the finger at Apple although others, like AT&T report no such issues.

The reason for the issue is not clear at this time. BusinessWeek reports that two of its sources point to the wireless communication Infineon chipset but Infineon disputes the claim, indicating that the same chipset is used in some Samsung phones with no issues.

The problem is thought to affect about 3 percent of iPhone calls and web sessions. The BusinessWeek sources expect that Apple will soon issue a software upgrade to resolve the issue.

Apple has yet to make any comment on the issue.

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