RIM denies BlackBerry Bold delay rumours

RIM BlackBerry Bold

RIM has denied that the BlackBerry Bold is facing availability delays due to software issues with battery life and overheating. During a press event, RIM public relations manager Erik Van Drunen, called the delays rumors from bloggers.. When RIM announced the BlackBerry Bold, it provided an availability date of this summer. As such, a release in August does not constitute a delay. Neither AT&T and Rogers Wireless who have both announced that they will offer the Bold have given any specific release dates.

Van Drunen also indicated that he was not aware of any overheating problems and that carriers were already testing it on their networks.

RIM has kept the BlackBerry Bold release date hazy enough that their rebuttal is valid. But what about those earlier rumours suggesting that the Bold would launch in July or even June? Were they just rumours or real dates shared confidentially with carriers that have now been pushed back, forcing them to do a bit of damage control?

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