RIM files touchscreen technology and tilting device patents

Research In Motion

RIM recently filed two new patents that give us hints at what future BlackBerry devices (like the rumoured 9xxx series) could look like.

The first patent, called System and method of integrating a touchscreen within an LCD, describes a touchscreen interface that would work in a similar fashion to that of the iPhone. But not only would the interface detect multiple simultaneous touches but it would also be able to detect the pressure applied on the screen.

The second patent, called Handheld mobile communication device with movable display/cover member describes a device that features only only a sliding keypad or keyboard but also a display that can be tilted above the keypad. It moves from the closed position, where it is parallel and adjacent to the keypad member, to the open, angled position through a sliding/sweeping motion; through an eccentric, “up-and-over” rotational motion; or through a combination sliding/”up-and-over” motion.

Could a BlackBerry announcement be just around the corner with the Mobile World Congress taking place next week?