Rogers 2009 product roadmap leaked

Rogers Wireless

If you want to see what Rogers Wireless has in store for us in 2009, a leaked product roadmap will give you quite a few answers. The details come from someone who decided to take pictures of a Rogers presentation, revealing not only what flagship devices Rogers will offer but also its Fido subsidiary.

Among the devices that will come our way (hopefully) are the:

  • Nokia N79, N85 and N96 (H1 on Rogers)
  • Nokia 5800 XpressMusic (Q2 or Q3 on both Rogers and Fido)
  • Sony Ericsson Cybershort C905a and Xperia X1a (Q2 and Q3 respectively)
  • Motorola MOTOZINE ZN5 (late Q1 on both Rogers and Fido)
  • Motorola MOTO VE66 (H2 on both Rogers and Fido)
  • Motorola MOTO Q11 (sometime in 2009 and only on Rogers)
  • HTC Touch Pro, HTC Touch Viva (in H1) and possibly the HTC Touch 3G
  • Samsung M8800 Pixon (late Q1 on both Rogers and Fido)
  • RIM BlackBerry 82xx Pearl Flip (with 3G and GPS) and BlackBerry 9520 Storm

Pricing details for most of these is missing but Rogers could offer its version of the Storm for as low as CAD$199, the HTC Touch Viva for CAD$0.00, and the Motozine ZN5 for CAD$50, all with a three-year service contracts.

Is there anything there that strikes your fancy?

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