Rogers announces new BlackBerry data plans

Rogers Wireless

Rogers has updated its BlackBerry data plans with new service tiers. Designed for use with the phenomenally popular BlackBerry handhelds, these plans include just the right amount of data to satisfy the needs of mobile professionals who demand constant access to wireless e-mail – no matter which BlackBerry model you choose to use.

The new tiers include the following:

  • 300MB plan for CAD$30/month
  • 1GB plan for CAD$60/month
  • 3GB plan for CAD$80/month
  • 6GB plan for CAD$100/month

The new tiers are a distinct improvement over the old ones. For example, would you choose a 4MB plan for CAD$25/month or the new 300MB plan for CAD$30?

Earlier this week, a leaked document revealed what is rumoured to be the upcoming iPhone data plans. The document shows a Consumer Data Plan that comes with unlimited web, email and Visual Voicemail for CAD$30/month and an Enterprise Data Plan with the additional corporate email access for CAD$45/month. While these are unlimited plans, Rogers’ new BlackBerry plans do not include a similar unlimited plan.

Rogers has yet to update its Windows Mobile device price plans.

Source: The Boy Genius

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