Rogers drops BlackBerry Bold price to CAD$199.99

RIM BlackBerry Bold

Today is a good day for the BlackBerry Bold. First, it finally appeared at AT&T. Now there is more good news.

Rogers Wireless has dropped the price of the BlackBerry Bold once again. When first introduced, it sold for CAD$399.99 with a three-year service plan (minimum CAD$45/month). Rogers has now cut the price a second time, this time down to CAD$199.99, still with the three-year contract. The price drop comes in the form of a CAD$400 promotional discount but only on the three-year plan. On other contracts, the price will remain at CAD$599.99.

The price drop had been widely expected after Best Buy began to offer the BlackBerry Bold at the CAD$199.99 price a week ago


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