Rogers extends promotional 6GB data plan and prepares new data plans

Rogers Wireless

Rogers announced today that it will extend its promotional data plan offering 6GB of data for CAD$30/month for an additional month. Originally introduced two days before the release of the iPhone 3G in Canada after customers complained about upcoming data plans, Rogers is not only extending the deadline but also offering it for all devices (including the BlackBerry Bold).

On October 1st, Rogers will unveil new data plans:

Cost per month (CAD$) Data maximum
25 500MB
30 1GB
50 2GB
60 3GB
80 8GB

The new plans will also be unlimited for the first three months to let customers gauge just how much data they in fact use. They will then be able to upgrade or reduce their plan without penalty. Customers will also receive a free text message when they are nearing or have crossed their limit. Rogers will also cap all data charges at CAD$100/month regardless of usage.

The announcement came on the same day that Rogers announced that 95 percent of iPhone customers used less than 10 percent of their data allotment in the first four weeks since the iPhone 3G’s release.

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