Rogers introduces unlimited data plan

Rogers Wireless

As expected, Rogers Wireless introduced some new data plans today, including the Communicate Value Pack which offers unlimited web browsing. Much like Bell did earlier with its unlimited plan and the HTC Touch, the new Rogers plans are tied to specific devices.

The Communicate Value Plan comes with unlimited on-device mobile browsing, 2500 sent text messages, 1000 sent picture/video messages, voice mail, call display, name display and WhoCalled (a call history) for CAD$20 a month (on top of your voice plan). Unfortunately, data-centric devices like BlackBerries and Windows Mobile devices are subject to different (and more expensive) plans.

Rogers also introduced Unlimited On-Device Mobile browsing plans (one for Rogers Vision devices and one for non-Vision devices) that give you unlimited on-device mobile browsing for CAD$7 per month. Unfortunately again, PDAs such as Blackberry or Windows Mobile devices, PC cards and non-Rogers certified devices are not eligible.

The new data plans are not only good news for those used to prohibitively expensive data plans but it could set the stage for the arrival of the iPhone in Canada.

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