Rogers Wireless announces 250,000 iPhones sold in Q3 2008

Rogers Wireless

Rogers Wireless announced its Q2 2008 financial results yesterday. Consolidated revenue grew 14 percent to CAD$3.0 billion while net income increased 84 percent to CAD$495 million. And some of that success is due to the Apple iPhone 3G which Rogers started to offer earlier this summer.

Since Rogers launched the iPhone 3G on July 11th, it has sold about 255,000 of them. About a third of those were new customers while the rest were existing Rogers customers upgrading and committing to new service contracts. With Rogers announcing some 239,000 new subscribers, it means that the iPhone accounted for over a third of all new subscriptions. The majority of iPhone users also signed up for both voice and data plans, resulting in a much higher ARPU (average revenue per user) than the Rogers average.

It will be interesting to see how the iPhone 3G does over the holiday shopping season.

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