Rogers Wireless unveils new data plans

Rogers Wireless

As reported back in August, Rogers is updating its data plans. According to the new Rogers rate card, the new plans cover all devices offered by Rogers, including the iPhone and BlackBerry devices.

For the iPhone, there are two plans now. The first offers 250 voice minutes (with unlimited evening and weekend minutes), 75 SMS and 1GB of data for CAD$60/month. The second plan, costing CAD$75/month, offers 400 minutes, 100 SMS and 2GB of data.

For the BlackBerry, there are different options, including combined BlackBerry and Voice packages, BlackBerry Internet service plans (as low as CAD$15/month for 2MB of data and going up to CAD$60/month for 3GB), and a Rogers Flex Rate BlackBerry Plan that starts at CAD$30/month for 500MB of data. There are also new BES plans available.

For other devices, including Windows Mobile smartphones, the Rogers Flex Rate Data Service Plan starts at CAD$30/month for 500MB, reaching CAD$85 for 5GB. Fixed plans start at CAD$15/month for 2MB.

Rogers also announced that all data pricing will top out at CAD$100 per month. Regardless of the device used, the maximum charge for domestic mobile Internet usage on the Rogers Wireless network is $100, including the data monthly service fee and any additional data overage charges.

Note: The ‘More information’ links to a PDF document.

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