Samsung Instinct heading to Canada to challenge the iPhone

Samsung Instinct SPH-M800

While Rogers may be rubbing its hands in glee at the arrival of the Apple iPhone on its network, its competitors are not standing still. Samsung has confirmed that the Instinct (model SPH-M800), already available in the U.S., is headed to Canada “later this summer”. Touted as an iPhone killer, it works on CDMA networks, making it ideal for either Bell Mobility or Telus.

The Samsung Instinct comes with a 3.1-inch touchscreen and a user interface developed by Samsung. It also comes with stereo Bluetooth, integrated GPS, a 2MP camera, a microSD slot (with 2GB card included), and a virtual QWERTY keyboard.

Service plans to go with it have not been released either but there are indications that Bell Mobility is considering an unlimited plan to compete against Rogers and the iPhone. With Rogers not offering an unlimited plan, there may be more than one customer interested in giving up the iPhone in favour of an uncapped data plan.

MobileinCanada is reporting that the Samsung Instinct will be offered by Telus.

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