Samsung to update Q1 UMPC in early 2009

Samsung Q1 Ultra

In an interview with TechRadar, Jeongseon Euh, Principal R&D Engineer in Samsung’s Computer Systems Division, revealed Samsung’s future plans for its Q1 UMPC. The Q1 is currently in its second generation, with the Q1 Ultra being the latest model. Described as a modest success, Samsung shipped about 100,000 units last year, giving them about 65 percent of the marketshare in the UMPC space.

Asked whether there would be future Q1 versions, Euh confirmed that Samsung will release new versions in the near future. A third generation, with new design refresh and upgrades, will be launched in Q1 2009. A new version should be ready in time for CES in January. More specifically what Samsung would change or upgrade was not revealed.

A future segment of the interview with Euh promises to look at Samsung’s thoughts on the Intel Atom processor and the ASUS Eee PC. I’m looking forward to it.

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