SanDisk unveils 32GB SDHC card


It was only about a year and half ago that SanDisk released its first SDHC card. Yesterday, they announced that its SanDisk Ultra II line now features cards with 16 and 32GB of storage capacity. The 32GB Ultra II SDHC card, which is the industry-leading capacity and will be the highest capacity consumer flash memory card that SanDisk produces, will be able to store more than 8,000 high-resolution pictures or up to 40 hours of video.

The new cards are also faster, offering up read and write speeds of 15MB/sec, up from previous speeds of 10MB/sec read and 9MB/sec write in the SanDisk Ultra II line.

The 32GB SanDisk Ultra II SDHC card with MicroMate USB 2.0 Reader will start to ship in April and will sell for USD$349.99. The 16GB card (also with reader) will sell for USD$179.99 and will be available in March.

SanDisk also announced an 8GB SDHC Plus card (featuring both SD and USB connectivity) which will sell for USD$99.99.

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