Screenshots of upcoming Mozilla Mobile browser

Last May, the Mozilla Foundation announced its intent to port the Firefox web browser to mobile devices. The goals of the project are to deliver a mobile-optimized version of the Mozilla standards-based open-source browser engine to offer both a full-featured browser as well an engine that can be embedded by manufacturers into their devices.

While news on the project may have been slim, it looks like good progress is being made. Two flavours of the browser are under development, one supporting touchscreens and one for non-touchscreen devices. One interesting detail is that the non-touchscreen version features a virtual cursor, controlled by the directional pad to address the lack of screen interaction.

The Mozilla wiki features not only details about the project but screenshots of the user interface. It is still early in the development but the screenshots give us a sense of the direction in which the project is going.

There are no details on when we can expect Mozilla Mobile to be released but earlier comments indicated that it would not be until after Firefox 3 is released (sometime in early 2008).

Source: Mobinaute

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