Shadow II headed to T-Mobile US courtesy of HTC


According to DigiTimes, the successor to the T-Mobile US Shadow is set to be none other than the Shadow II. It will be manufactured by HTC. More interesting than the name is the fact that the Shadow II will support Unlicensed Mobile Access (UMA) connectivity. The Shadow II will be both T-Mobile and HTC’s first Windows Mobile-based UMA handset. T-Mobile will likely offer its HotSpot@Home service with the device.

Further details, including specifications, about the phone have not been revealed yet.

T-Mobile is planning to launch the Shadow II in the fourth quarter of the year, according to DigiTimes sources.

UMA is a technology that lets users roam between cellular networks and unlicensed 802.11 wireless networks (such as their home wireless network) and Bluetooth without disruption. For example, you could start a call at home over Wi-Fi and it would automatically switch over to GSM if you later the leave the house and the range of your Wi-Fi network.

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