Snap2Face: Free Facebook client for Windows Mobile devices


Magnifoca Inc has released Snap2Face, a free Windows Mobile application built for the Facebook social network.

For the first time, Windows Mobile users are put on the same footing as iPhone & Blackberry users as far as Facebook access is concerned. A native client for the WM platform, Snap2Face offers what Blackberry, Palm, and iPhone clients have to offer, and much more! Features unique to Snap2Face include Outlook contacts integration (i.e. photo caller-ID), and album slide show, among others.

Snap2Face 1.0 also allows you to update status, view your friends’ status and detailed information, read and respond to messages, pokes, wall posts and friend requests, view albums, and upload photos.

It is available for all Windows Mobile 5.0/6.x devices (Pocket PC or Smartphone) for free directly from Magnifoca.

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