Softbank announces pricing for iPhone 3G in Japan

Apple iPhone 3G

Softbank already announced that it would carry the Apple iPhone 3G in Japan. Yesterday, they announced phone and service plan pricing.

The 8GB iPhone 3G will sell for ¥23,000 (about USD$215) while the 16GB version will sell for ¥34,560 (about USD$320) with a two year service plan.

A number of plans will be offered. The most basic plan, called the ‘White plan (i)’ will cost ¥7,280 (about USD$68 per month). It comes with free domestic voice calls between SoftBank handsets from 1:00 to 21:00, a SoftBank original mail service with receipt notification ‘Email(i)’ for free, the ‘Packet Flat-rate Full’ to enable full access to web browsing, video and map services, and the ‘S! Basic Pack (i)’. More expensive plans will offer additional options.

Softbank will sell the iPhone 3G through stores currently already handling SoftBank phones, starting on July 11th.

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