Sprint delays Xohm WiMAX rollout

Manufacturers who have announced WiMAX-enabled devices at CTIA must not be too thrilled right now. According to a spokesperson, Sprint has confirmed that it is delaying the deployment of its Xohm WiMAX service until later this year. Originally, Sprint had planned to launch the service this month. Rumours suggest that the launch could now take place in the summer. Sprint indicated that the delays are not technology-related.

Sprint had been widely expected to reveal a lot more information about the upcoming service during CTIA and the keynote by CEO Dan Hesse but that did not happen. Customers now are in the dark as to when the service will launch and how much it will cost. Sales of WiMAX-enabled devices could be off to a rocky start.

Industry analysts are already pointing out that WiMAX deployment delays will help a competitor technology called Long Term Evolution (LTE) which could start deployments in 2010.

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