T-Mobile Austria confirms 3G iPhone coming soon

Apple iPhone

T-Mobile Austria, which just launched its 3G network, is reported to have announced that it will soon launch the 3G/UMTS iPhone. The claim was apparently made at a press conference in Vienna, according to the German-language derStandard.at. The phone will also be accompanied by more flexible plans, suggesting again that Apple is adopting a new strategy in a bid to increase its iPhone sales.

The report also indicates that we could see three new iPhone models targeting different market segments. Keep in mind though that differences between the models could be as simple as different capacities (like Apple already does with the iPod touch).

Meanwhile, Infineon, the German chipmaker that will deliver the 3G chipset, has indicated that development of the 3G iPhone is complete [Google translation]. If so, manufacturing may have begun or could be set to begin just in time for a June announcement (for example, at the WWDC).

Note: The ‘More information’ link will take you to an article in German. [Google translation]

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