T-Mobile UK to offer G1 starting on October 30th

T-Mobile G1

T-Mobile UK has announced that it will begin to offer the Google Android-powered G1 starting on October 30th.

Since unveiling the device in New York in September, over 25,000 UK consumers pre-registered their interest in the device. The wait will be over on 30 October as the T-Mobile G1 hits the shelves at T-Mobile stores just five weeks after its official unveiling.

Customers who sign up for the T-Mobile Combi or Flext price plans (starting from £40/month) will receive the G1 for free. It will be available in either black or white and with a pre-installed 2GB MicroSD memory card.

The press release also confirms that the G1 will support T-Mobile UK’s HSUPA network.

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