Thinner 3G iPhone to be announced at WWDC?


Citing industry sources, TG Daily is reporting that the 3G iPhone will launch at WWDC 2008 in June.

Apple will announce at least two models, an 8GB version and a 16GB version. Pricing is expected to be USD$399 and USD$499 respectively, making them the same price as the current iPhones. There is also a chance that a 32GB 3G iPhone for USD$599 could be announced.

The new iPhones will also be slightly thinner (about 2.5mm) than current models. The casing is also set to get a slight update to remove some of the “plasticky” feeling of some parts. Other than that, it will be unchanged (including the non-removable battery).

Should Apple release the 32GB iPhone, expect to also see a 64GB iPod touch to ensure that Apple continues to offer iPod touch models with twice the iPhone capacity as the same price point.

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